Parking and Road Closures

NOTE: This information is for 2019. It will be updated for 2020.

Roads in and around Knaresborough are closed to traffic from midday until 6.00 pm on Bed Race day. The centre of town in the Market, Silver Street, Cheapside, Castlegate, part of Brewerton Street are closed from 10.30 am. The High Street, Bond End, High Bridge, Waterside, Knaresborough Hill and part of Boroughbridge Road are closed from 12.00 pm.

These road closures are operated by TMS and enforced by the Police. There is plenty of advance warning signs in place. The vehicles of teams, sponsors and organisers must not be moved until after the lifting of the road closures at 6 pm. Provision has been made for access by emergency vehicles and the Bed Race safety car.

Parking is suspended along Conyngham Hall, Waterside, High Street, Castle Ings, Castlegate, Castle Courtyard, and the Market Place for the day until the lifting of the road closures after 6pm. Please cooperate with these rules.

Free park-and-ride services provided by Transdev will run on Bed Race day between Knaresborough Technology Park on Manse Lane, just off the York Road, and the town centre. ALM Manufacturing will run its own free park-and-ride from their site on Grimbalds Crag Close and will be ferrying people from there to town.

Both car parks close at 6.30 pm on the evening of Bed Race day. These facilities have been offered without charge to aim the community and charity effort for the day, so we ask that proper respect is shown to the facilities and premises. There will be security at both sites.

Normal bus services will operate up Briggate and Gracious street and train services will continue in and out of Knaresborough train station.

The Knaresborough Lions Club is doing all it can to comply with official rules while ensuring that Bed Race is a great family day out and safe for all who attend.

You can see the road closures, park and ride sites and other points of interest over on our interactive map: