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Briefing for Teams and Marshals on 17 May

Team Briefing and Marshal Briefing

Location: Knaresborough Working Men's Club

Time: 7.00 pm

Date: 17 May 2023

A representative for each team should attend the Bed Race team briefing session, which will be held on 17 May from 7.00 pm. Team packs, including numbers, car park passes, wristbands and programmes will be handed out. Also, teams will be advised of safety information and any changes regarding the race, the parade or the road closures.

Please make sure that your team is represented and that the representatives arrive on time. These meetings do not normally last more than an hour if we start on time.

Briefing for marshals will be held at the same place, the Working Men's Club, at the same time. If you are a marshal from a team please turn up for this.

Teams to be briefed on 17 May