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Best Dressed Bed Decorations Reflect Environment Theme

Team 34, The Rocket Men, with their winning Best Dressed Bed

The 2022 Bed Race theme: Environment: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, inspired this year's builders of bed decorations, as well as all those stitchers and sewers of team fancy dress costumes who put in the hard yards to make the Parade such a spectacle .

The winning Best Dressed Bed was that of The Rocket Men, team 34, with their whirligig design. Team 62, the 1st Scriven Scouts sponsored by Amey, came second, and Techbuyer, Team 35, came third.

There were special high commendations for the designs of team 71, HENCHshaws, Team 40 Aspin Avengers, team 13, SFC, team 76 Harrogate Symphony Orchestra and team 23, It's a COP-out.

To all the teams thanks for your great efforts to produce such a joyous pageant for this year's Bed Race. And special thanks, too, to the independent judges whose final word guided the decisions as to what was best.

Team 62, 1st Scriven Scouts sponsored by Amey, came second in the Best Dressed Bed contest

Team 35, Techbuyer, came third