Bed Race 2020 Unplugged Update

This year the Great Knaresborough Bed Race will be a virtual, online event called ‘Bed Race 2020 Unplugged’, on Saturday 13 June 2020. We would like to invite you to take part in the parade and race, from your home!

To be in the parade:

First, you need to ‘Make Your Bed’: decorate a bed at home, using our theme ‘What I’m looking forward to…’. It can be a normal bed, a flower bed, a model of a bed, or even a Bed Race bed if you happen to have one.

Then make a video between 20 and 60 seconds long, pretending to be in the Bed Race parade with your bed. We will join the clips to make a parade video.

Looking Forward to the Future by Darian Bridge

Looking Forward to the Future by Darian Bridge

To be in the race:

We'd also like you to send us video clips, from 20 to 60 seconds long, of your family or household facing the camera and pretending to run in the Bed Race. We will put you into our race video.

To make this work, there are two essential requirements:

  • you must be in front of a single-colour background such as a painted wall or a sheet (preferably green or blue in colour);
  • and you must film in landscape orientation (not portrait).

Sirastudio demonstrate how they can put you in the race

Please try to resist sharing your videos on social media before the big day – we would like people to see them in the event for the first time. And if you are in the UK, please make these videos within your households, so that you do not break distancing rules. (We will not use videos if we can see that these rules have been broken.)

You can send us both a parade and a race video, or just one type of video. Email your videos to by the end of May.

We hope you’ll take this unique opportunity to appear in the Bed Race without needing any training! The parade and race will be streamed online on Saturday 13th June, following the usual Bed Race timetable: the parade will start at 1pm and the race at 3pm. These will be part of a wider programme of events including music and live fitness sessions online – we'll share more details soon, including how you can watch.

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