Bed Race Teams Ready for the Big Day

Bed Race teams have been out and about practicing for this year's Big Day, Saturday 9 June 2018. Many are to be seen practicing around the town and more than a few have been spied emerging dripping from the River Nidd. Hardy lot!

There has been one late withdrawal, team 75 George and Dragon. Knaresborough Silver Band will run in their place.

Arrangements with the Emergency Services and St John Ambulance are in place; retailers and the hospitality sector have stocked up for the event; free park-and-ride is in place; the usual ritual offerings have been made for good weather; the bed decorations have been concocted; the wheels greased; the race numbers handed out, and the Programme circulated.

It has taken the best part of a year, but the Knaresborough Lions Club has again moved some respectably-sized mountains - not in the way of racers, we add - to ensure that it is again one of the most entertaining family days in this spiral arm of the galaxy.

See you all on the day!