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Bed race trophies - sharing the love

It seems the spirit of bed race day wasn't confined to June 8th. We were contacted separately by two teams, each of who had been awarded two trophies, to ask if they could have one assigned to the next fastest team in their category to reward some excellent running. We were only-too-delighted to receive that news and some extra trophy presentations have taken place.

Congratulations to the Half Moon who are now recipients of the Fastest Non-Club Male Team (and thanks to GH Brooks for passing back this trophy). Our Lions Bed Race chairman Martin Brock made his way down to pass on the trophy and enjoy a drink couple of drinks. It would've been rude not to...

Congratulations to Monkton Meanderers who are now recipients of the Fastest Non-Club Mixed Team (and thanks to the Parkrunners for passing back this trophy). Bed race chairman Martin took a trip to Conyngham Hall parkrun where Parkrunners captain Sharon handed over the trophy.

And congratulations, plus an apology, to Menwith Hill who were belated recipients of the Tom Brock trophy for fastest services team. Tom spent several decades in each of the Royal Navy and Lions, and the trophy was inaugurated in his honour. Team co-ordinator Matt Walker took a trip into Harrogate to share this award.

Well done all :)

Parkrunners and Monkton Meanderers

The Half Moon

Menwith Hill