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Late Entries for Bed Race 2022 will still be Entertained

The Lions are keeping open the door for late entries to the 2022 Great Knaresborough Bed Race on a first-come, first-served basis they have announced.

"Bed Race has a maximum race field of 90 teams and the number of entries this year is just shy of that at the moment. As a result, Bed Race will stay open for a little while in case any more teams want to come in. Once the 90 team figure is reached, though, we will have to close."

Obviously the pandemic and not being able to stage events in 2022 or 2021 has had an effect. There are people who are concerned that events will still be effected in 2022 but there are no signs of that, added the Lions, and all the evidence from official bodies show that it will be 'business as usual'.

All the fun of Bed Race will return to Knaresborough's streets and parks and river in 2022