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Knaresborough Bed Race Logo

Appear in this year's Bed Race - without any training!

Knaresborough Bed Race by Jim Sykes (courtesy of Art in the Mill)

As well as creating a parade from your 'Make Your Bed' video clips, the Knaresborough Lions are also trialling a way for the public to take part in a virtual race, to be streamed online at 3pm on Bed Race day, 13th June.

We'd like you to send us video clips, from 20 to 60 seconds long, of your household members facing the camera and looking as though they are running in the Bed Race. You could be behind a bed headboard appearing to push it, or just positioned in some sort of racing formation. Get creative and have fun doing it!

Sirastudios of Harrogate will then use their technical wizardry to put you into the race.

But for us to be able to use your race videos, there are two essential requirements:

  • position yourselves in front of a single-colour background such as a painted wall or a sheet (preferably green or blue in colour);
  • and film in landscape orientation (not portrait).

(Please try to resist sharing your videos on social media before the day - it would be nice for people to see them in the event for the first time. And please do the activity within your household. We will not use a video if we can see that distancing rules have been broken.)

You can send in both a parade and a race video, or just one type of clip, to [email protected]. Please get your videos to us by the end of May. We hope you'll grab this unique opportunity to appear in the Bed Race without needing any prior training!

The background on this trial version by Sirastudio isn't the Bed Race route...but you get the idea