The theme for 2019 Bed Race is 'Yorkshire'

G H Brooks were the fastest team in Bed Race 2018

G H Brooks were the fastest team in Bed Race 2018

Knaresborough Lions have announced that the theme for the 2019 Great Knaresborough Bed Race is to be 'Yorkshire', celebrating all that is relevant - or not perhaps not - to God's own county.

The race will be held on 8 June, the second Saturday in the month as always. Entry forms for teams will appear on this website from the start of January and have to be returned to the Lions before the end of February. All relevant details will be on the forms.

Said Richard Hall, chairman of the Lions' Bed Race organising committee, "In announcing ‘Yorkshire’ as the 2019 theme we are marking how Bed Race typifies those Yorkshire traits of grit and eccentricity, sporting endeavour and a love of cross-dressing.

“At the same time, being the largest county by far, we hope the creators of the bed designs will cast their imaginations far and wide to come up with original and witty interpretations of the theme. When it comes to parading with the beds down Knaresborough High Street, diversity is king.

"We want teams to go beyond the traditional image of Yorkshire men and women as bleached blonde demi-goddesses and gods, to get to the real heart and soul of the county. Ideas such as fine dining - puddings, pies, liquorice, rhubarb, ginger; history with Vikings, Celts, the Wars of the Roses; industry with woollen mills, engineering, train building and mines; leading political, artistic and literary figures; geography with the Dales, Moors and the truly spectacular coastline. And much more.

"As ever, we expect to see the unexpected and teams come up with their inventive answers to the theme."