Bed Race 2020 has become Bed Race 2020 Unplugged! You will be able to enjoy Bed Race day, and the build-up to it, in a different form, from home. So please note that the information below about entering the race and travelling to view it are not relevant for 2020.


When is the Bed Race?

This year's Bed Race will take place on the second Saturday of June in 2020, which will be the 13th. For more information about the race visit our race day information page.

What time does the Bed Race start?

The race day starts at 10am with many activities including a parade. For more information please see the programme.

The Parade starts at 1 pm from the Castle to Conyngham Hall fields. The actual race begins at 3:00pm with teams setting off in roughly 10 second intervals.

Where do I park, when do the roads close?

Please see our race day information page

How can I get here?

Please see our race day information page

How do I enter the Bed Race?

Entries for the Bed Race open on the 1st January each year. Entry forms are made available on this website.

Do we get our entry fee refunded if the race is oversubscribed and we don't get a place?


Where can I get a bed?

There are no longer any companies out there that make Bed Race beds to order. But there are lots of beds hidden away in local people's garages and sheds, and borrowing is a possibility.

If you are looking for a bed, try sending out a message on social media, and asking around in Knaresborough. You are more likely to get an offer to borrow a bed after the lottery draw has taken place in March: there will be teams out there who didn't get a place, and at that point they may be willing to lend out their beds to other teams.

If you are interested in building your own bed, please see the bed specification, which appears within the race rules at https://www.bedrace.co.uk/about/race-rules.