2016 Great Knaresborough Bed Race Results

2016 Key Results

  • Fastest Team

    Planet Steel

  • Fastest Female Team

    Ripon Runners Girls

  • Fastest Non-Club Male Team

    Planet Steel

  • Fastest Non-Club Female Team

    Welly Wheelettes

  • Fastest New Teams

    The ReverendJP & The Disciples of Fitness; CBRE

  • Fastest Mixed Team

    Flow-Mon Bandits

  • Fastest Mixed Junior Team

    1st Scriven Scouts

  • Fastest Male Junior Team

    Harrogate Rugby Racers

  • Best Dressed Bed


  • Most Entertaining Team

    The Hairy Fairies

  • Outstanding Contribution

    St John Fisher

2016 Race Results

PositionPOSTeam NameBed NumberBed #Time M:S
1Planet Steel113:15.4
2Ripon Runners Men413:29.2
3G H Brooks Men814:05.8
4Knaresborough Striders Men714:07.3
5Nidd Valley Road Runners Men314:27.5
6Guardian Alarms514:33.0
7Globe Street Trotters1014:40.6
8Flow-Mon Bandits1115:06.9
9Wacky Racers915:12.5
10Castle Clinic615:15.1
11Welly Wheelers1315:25.2
12The Half Moon1815:50.3
13Stephenson's Rockets1415:59.2
14Lock, Stock & Six Floating Barrels2416:12.5
15Knaresborough Rugby Club1616:27.6
16Flying Mechanics1716:36.1
17Blue Bullet Flyers2716:39.8
18Magnificent Seven1916:45.1
19Harrogate Rugby Racers1516:50.8
20Ripon Runners Girls2016:54.4
21The Plodders4216:57.0
22Six Pack2317:01.8
24Harrogate Round Table6217:17.1
25Welly Wheeners2217:20.3
26Parkrunners Sponsored By The Black Mulberry Cafe4617:22.5
27St John Fisher School3517:27.6
28The Hairy Fairies3617:33.6
29Colin's Nuts5817:39.4
30Meadowside Malingerers3117:39.6
31Harrogate Harriers Mixed Team2817:41.0
32Nidd Valley Road Runners - Mixed 'B'2918:03.3
33Welly Wheelettes3718:08.8
34Pelsis Rat Run7418:18.7
35The ReverendJP &The Disciples of Fitness4718:20.9
36Green-Tech Gladiators4918:23.5
37Tewit Youth Band5418:32.7
38The Rocket Men3018:36.6
40Nuffield Health5618:40.7
41The Hacs Cool Runners5118:51.4
42Live For Today5519:00.0
43Menwith Hill2519:02.0
44Pinnacle Data7719:03.3
45Bed Zeppelin4119:05.7
46Aspin Avengers6519:06.7
47St John's Juggernauts2619:08.5
48Raworths Runners4319:08.8
50Turners Tearaways3919:21.6
51Killer Queens - Nippers Men3819:25.5
52Manning Stainton5319:26.4
53Oatlands Infants Ladies7119:28.9
54Dazzling Bobbies4819:31.5
55Knaresborough Silver Band3319:33.9
56City Slackers4419:46.0
57Taylors Of Harrogate6319:50.1
58Scotton Scorchers JFC3219:51.2
59Clarity Clodhoppers4519:58.0
60Alcumus Sm&Ms6920:29.9
616th Gear8020:40.4
62George And Dragon6720:41.3
63Piccadilly Fillies6020:50.6
64Brook's Birds6621:33.1
65The YBS Finance Fitties8521:43.2
66St John's PTA 'B' Team7821:45.4
67Pelsis Flyers7521:46.5
68Bingley Arms Bardsey Ambulance Boys5721:47.7
69Captain Rose & The Legion Of Limbs7021:57.3
701st Scriven Scouts5921:57.4
71Meadowside Maidens7221:58.6
72Over The Rainbows8621:58.6
73Team Bed Guru8222:02.7
74Rabbit Hill Country Store222:16.2
76Aff Birds6422:20.0
77Knaresborough Striders Ladies5222:24.6
78The Goldsborough Girls7322:31.1
79Tomrods Men Of Steel2122:34.7
80Team Sanderson8322:35.8
82St Michaels Hospice Staff8722:45.7
83So Sozzled Crew7623:04.3
84Bedknobs & Broomsticks8923:19.2
85The Richard Taylor Runners8423:23.9
86Scotton Lingerfield Ladies9023:38.9
87Team Red Beer8823:39.6
88Jigsaw Joinery4023:53.3
89The Deer Hunters1224:13.3
90The Younger Ones! Not!!7925:05.4

Mf: male fast Ff: female fast Xf: mixed fast JMf: junior male fast Me: male entertaining
Fe: female entertaining Xe: mixed entertaining JX: junior mixed